Whether you need large footprint machining of custom parts or small intricate components, our precision machining processes are designed to deliver. We use the latest automation technology and customization options available to ensure that our customers always get industry leading service – from reverse engineering services, to prototypes, to production parts, New Vision has you covered.

New Vision Industries offers a wide range of capabilities and complex geometries on small and large parts that few others can achieve. We specialize in research and development and production CNC machining for a variety of industries.


At New Vision Industries we are proud to offer a diverse set of precision machined components for the medical device and life science market. Among our medical machining offerings, we manufacture stainless steel and plastic precision instruments for bone repair (medical screws and bone screws) and other non-elective surgical procedures, including end effectors and components for surgical robotics, nitinol staples, surgical staples, valves and more. Our capabilities also include machining components for lab and operating support equipment for a variety of surgical, imaging, and diagnostic procedures. New Vision also produces both large and small, machined components for equipment used in medical device manufacturing and the pharmaceutical test market.

The Producto Group also specializes in precision tooling and custom heavy gauge plastic enclosures for the medical device & life sciences industry.


New Vision Industries has proven itself as partner you can rely on in the semiconductor industry. We support a variety of process machinery systems and offer ultra-precision components in titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum. We have developed extensive supply partnerships with raw material, parts cleaning, and testing companies to help you eliminate costly and time-consuming material handling. In addition to our semiconductor machining and production capabilities, we also offer JIT repair and rework services to maximize your production up-time.

Aerospace & Defense

We are a trusted partner to both OEMs and first and second tier aerospace companies. Our diverse aerospace machining capabilities enable us to offer a wide range of products ranging from precision engine components in super alloys to structural aircraft components manufacturing in aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and more. Our extensive fleet of modern CNC machining, turning, and grinding equipment are at the ready to deliver components small and large, including connectors for the aerospace and military aircraft. We are engaged in military programs including both manned and unmanned aircraft, ground vehicle systems, maritime equipment and submarine shafts and rams, satellites, spacecraft, delivery systems and more.

Explore our precision tooling capabilities in the aerospace & defense industry through The Producto Group.


We manufacture components for robotic arms, end effectors and assemblies for automation and robotic systems where downtime is not an option. From warehouse and food service robotics to process machinery across a broad spectrum of critical industries, our team of highly skilled machinists, engineers, and assembly technicians have your needs covered when it comes to automation machining and robotics machining.

The Producto Group also specializes in precision tooling and custom heavy gauge plastic enclosures for the automation & robotics industry.

Test & Measurement

At New Vision Industries we have long term relationships with leading manufacturers of material test and measurement machinery. Our product offering also includes components for calibration and fixturing. We specialize in difficult to machine materials and complex geometries. Our precision grinding, lapping and EDM machining capabilities add strength to our modern fleet of CNC machining equipment enabling us to tackle complex projects that differentiate us as an industry leader.

Learn more about our precision tooling and custom heavy gauge plastic enclosure capabilities for the test & measurement industry.


We develop dynamic solutions and produce difficult to manufacture components for today’s fast paced and rapidly expanding market for electric and hybrid electric drive systems. We are well established as a key electric vehicle machining manufacturer of drive motor and powertrain components and housings for both the consumer and commercial transportation electric vehicle markets.

Food & Beverage

New Vision Industries has innovative precision machining solutions to support your beverage can machining equipment. We can manufacture beverage can RAMS and beverage can shafts, both large and small for all your beverage can machinery needs.

The Producto Group also specializes in precision tooling for the food & beverage industry.